About iBridge

The first system of its kind in South Africa, iBridge connects the gap between medical practice management and debt collection. With iBridge your practice is responsible for the capturing and submission of medical aid claims. When an issue arises that requires further investigation or the medical aid fails to pay the claim, we take over.

Benefits Of iBridge

  • Reduced In-house Administration

    iBridge handles all unpaid medical aid claims, medical aid queries and overdue account collections, freeing up your practice manager to effectively run your practice.

  • Cost Effective

    iBridge has been developed to keep the cost to your practice as low as possible. The fees involved with external administration companies and bureaus far out weigh those of iBridge Claim Management.

  • Increased Collection Rates

    It is inevitable that a portion of your claims will need to be handed over for debt collection. The iBridge process has been designed to vastly increase the successful collection rate on handed over accounts.

How it Works


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